One Of A Kind Pieces by Kaffe

One-off pieces and commissions by Kaffe Fassett. Selected pieces are available to purchase. Please contact the Kaffe Fassett Studio here if you are interested in a commission or to inquire about any of the below pieces.


Hollyhock Tapestry, Needlepoint

Edinburgh Tapestry, Ginger Jar in Pink, Needlepoint

Edinburgh Tapestry, Ginger Jar in Yellow, Needlepoint

Cabbage and Roses, Detail of Upholstered Needlepoint Chair

Cabbage and Roses, Detail of Upholstered Needlepoint Chair

Parrots, Needlepoint Tapestry

Duchess Carpet

Fruit and Vegetable, Needlepoint Chair

Crazy Patchwork Carpet, Needlepoint Tapestry

Autumn Rose, Needlepoint Tapestry

Pots, Needlepoint Tapestry

Foliage Tapestry, Needlepoint Tapestry

Rose Couch

The Melon Tapestry, Needlepoint

Flowers Rag Rug

Burton Agnes Tapestry, Needlepoint

Fruit Armchair, Needlepoint

Wearable Art

Pansy Slippers, Needlepoint

Roman Glass Waistcoat, Needlepoint

Icon Crosses, Hand-Knitted Coat

Fruit and Flower Waistcoat, Needlepoint

Long Leaf Coat, Hand-Knitted

Auricular Waistcoat, Needlepoint

Bespoke Design for the Endeavour Yacht
Needlepoint Fish Cushions

The needlework shown here differs from the kits I design for Ehrman Tapestry. This work is all one-off flights of fancy that use unlimited colour ranges, whereas the kits I do for Ehrman use far fewer colours so they can be reproduced for a commercial price level.

I love doing commission work – tapestries for a specific location or site are always vastly stimulating for me and my team of helpers. Covering furniture is a particular favourite.