by Kaffe Fassett

for Free Spirit

What is the Artisan fabric range?

“The purpose of my Artisan collection is to bring together different types of ethnic fabrics, such as batiks and ikats, with quilting weight cottons, so they can be sewn together to make quilts, garments and accessories. The idea is hardly new: “make-do” and “waste not” are patchwork ideals, so it isn’t necessary to make a quilt from only one type of fabric. However, various ‘ethnic’ fabrics will not behave in the same way as quilting weight cotton: they have different characteristics that can make using them a bit of a challenge, but it is well worth doing so nevertheless. These fabrics need to be appreciated for what they offer and not rejected for what they do not.”

Kaffe Fassett

Sew Artisan!

14 designs for patchwork & sewing using fabrics from Kaffe’s Artisan range

NEW Artisan - Available October 2018

Kyoto Damask – PWKF008 – Red

Kyoto Damask – PWKF008 – Pink

Kyoto Damask – PWKF008 – Orange

Kyoto Damask – PWKF008 – Blue

Folk Flower – PWKF007 – Purple

Folk Flower – PWKF007 – Pink

Folk Flower – PWKF007 – Multi

Sasha – BPKF002.0 – Wine

Sasha – BPKF002.0 – Rust

Sasha – BPKF002.0 – Duck

Wiggle – BPKF001.0 – Lime

Wiggle – BPKF001.0 – Orange

Wiggle – BPKF001.0 – Blue

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Sage

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Royal

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Red

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Pink

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Lavender

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Fuchsia

Pods – BKKF010.0 – Purple

Pods – BKKF010.0 – Rust

Pods – BKKF010.0 – Pink

Pods – BKKF010.0 – Blue

Bombay Mix – BKKF008.0 – Purple

Bombay Mix – BKKF008.0 – Magenta

Bombay Mix – BKKF008.0 – Indigo

Tumbling Leaf – BKKF007.0 – Purple

Tumbling Leaf – BKKF007.0 – Magenta

Tumbling Leaf – BKKF007.0 – Indigo

Tumbling Leaf – BKKF007.0 – Chestnut

Artisan Sunny Collection 2017

Artisan Blue Collection 2017

Artisan Red Collection 2017

Artisan Pastel Collection 2017

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