Quilts in America

20 Designs for Patchwork & Quilting
by Kaffe Fassett and his team: Janet Haigh, Liza Prior Lucy, Brandon Mably, Judy Baldwin, Sally Davis, Corienne Kramer and Julie Stockler

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Kaffe Fassett’s Quilts in America has a range of 20 great projects inspired by the American Museum in Britain

TO CELEBRATE THE 20th ANNIVERSARY of his hugely successful series of patchwork and quilting books, Kaffe has gone back to his American roots. Using the wonderful collection of vintage American quilts in Britain’s American Museum in Bath as his inspiration, he has chosen 18 very different quilts as the basis for 20 new designs in this book, featuring both his latest fabrics and his much-loved classics, mostly from the Kaffe Fassett Collective but also his latest collection of Artisan fabrics.

KAFFE FASSETT’S QUILTS IN AMERICA features the original quilts that inspired him. Interpreted in new ways by Kaffe and his team of designers, the designs demonstrate his vivid and unique color combinations to perfection. Familiar block patterns used in the original quilts, such as Tumbling Blocks, Starbursts, and Log Cabins, take on fresh new meaning in his recreated designs with their vibrant, but subtle, color harmonies.

NEW Artisan Fall 2018 – Available October 2018

Kyoto Damask – PWKF008 – Red

Kyoto Damask – PWKF008 – Pink

Kyoto Damask – PWKF008 – Orange

Kyoto Damask – PWKF008 – Blue

Folk Flower – PWKF007 – Purple

Folk Flower – PWKF007 – Pink

Folk Flower – PWKF007 – Multi

Sasha – BPKF002.0 – Wine

Sasha – BPKF002.0 – Rust

Sasha – BPKF002.0 – Duck

Wiggle – BPKF001.0 – Lime

Wiggle – BPKF001.0 – Orange

Wiggle – BPKF001.0 – Blue

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Sage

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Royal

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Red

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Pink

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Lavender

Stars – BKKF011.0 – Fuchsia

Pods – BKKF010.0 – Purple

Pods – BKKF010.0 – Rust

Pods – BKKF010.0 – Pink

Pods – BKKF010.0 – Blue

Bombay Mix – BKKF008.0 – Purple

Bombay Mix – BKKF008.0 – Magenta

Bombay Mix – BKKF008.0 – Indigo

Tumbling Leaf – BKKF007.0 – Purple

Tumbling Leaf – BKKF007.0 – Magenta

Tumbling Leaf – BKKF007.0 – Indigo

Tumbling Leaf – BKKF007.0 – Chestnut

NEW Kaffe Fassett Backing Fabrics

Available October 2018

Full Blown – QBGP004.2 – Red

Mandala – QBGP003.2 – Red

Full Blown – QBGP004.2 – Blue

Mandala – QBGP003.2 – Blue

Full Blown – QBGP004.2 – Pink

Mandala – QBGP003.2 – Pink