Crafted in Colour


Homes and Antiques, September 2016

It’s impossible to talk about the work of Kaffe Fassett, a luminary in the world of stitching, without refer~ing to the designer’s love of colour. The same is true when it comes to his home in Hastings, an early Victorian property shared with his partner Brandon, Brandon’s sister Belinda and mother Yvonne. Few would be brave enough to paint their breakfast room with lime green stripes (an idea thought up by Belinda who shares Kaffe’s love of the hue) or to team pink walls with a blue door frame, but here it works. Throughout the house, in fact, hues are bold and vary in each room. ‘Colour is a mood changer,’ says Kaffe, explaining his approach to decorating. ‘Many people live in white boxes and that’s fine because it does maximize.