The Diary of a of a travelling quilter…Travels In Colour


Today’s Quilter, October 2020

The diary of a travelling quilter … Travels in Colour

This month, Jane Rae is making a virtual stop at the Kaffe Fassett Studio … for the last stop on my quilt travels column, I’m heading south, virtually of course, to visit Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably at their home studio in North London. Pilates by zoom, daily walks and the healthy 5:2 diet created by Dr Michael Mosley have all been part of their regime to keep themselves feeling good, both in heart and in mind. Brandon, a dab hand in the kitchen, punctuated his weeks with visits to the Farmers Market in West Hampstead, stocking up on local produce to create meals that were fresh, light and simple, but packed with flavour (stewed plums with cinnamon and crystallized ginger paired with homemade muesli and natural yoghurt were on the menu at the time of writing!).

By Jane Rae. Images : Kaffe Fassett Studio. Join us at